Ooi Zhi Yi


Calon Kebun Bunga



Kebun Bunga

Kebun Bunga is a state constituency in Penang, Malaysia. It covers the Pepper Estate, Fettes Park, Mount Erskine, Hong Seng Estate, Waterfall Road, Penang Botanic Gardens, Quarry Drive, Jesselton, Western Garden, Batu Gantung, Race Course and Padang Tembak.

Kebun Bunga consist of largely residential areas, the nature, parks and cemeteries. It is a mixed constituency with the affluent community, the middle-class and the poor living in the area. The community is also facing the reality of an ageing society in Kebun Bunga. Younger people have opted to move out from residential areas including Padang Tembak flats, Hong Seng Estate and Pepper Estate.

By working together, we must upgrade the public infrastructure to make convenience for the ageing society without neglecting the younger generations; protect the greens with sustainable development plans and making a better place to live in.

With the collaboration of the people of Kebun Bunga, I am confident we are able to work towards an improved community and bringing great ideas to the state of Penang.