An invitation to a political revolution

51 years ago, a movement was formed by a group of visionary leaders. Their vision is so ahead of their time and so far-sighted that it is still relevant as of today. And the movement that they have formed has evolved into a political party, Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia.

March 24, this year, is the day the party begins our 51st year in Malaysia. It is a new beginning for myself and the party members as we strive for a new direction.

March 24 is not a day for us to remember how great Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia was in the past.

It is the day where we commemorate and remember what we have fought for and will fight for.

Let us not make the 51st just another year that passes by. But let us begin with a progressive campaign that works for the people, nation and of course Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia.

Brothers and sisters, 

Today, I want to invite you to a campaign that is not about greed, hatred and lies. The campaign is not about racism, sexism, or religious bigotry. We need to end this negative politics. We should be advocating for a better economy, good governance and a better place to live in. We need more positivity than ever.

I am not asking for you to change or rebel against the current government. I am asking for us to revolutionise our political culture and mindset. 

We need a political culture and system that is based on economic justice, social justice, environmental justice, racial justice and positivity.

Today, we fight for the rights of all Malaysians and people living in this country. Rights to a job and shelter and freedom from starvation and illiteracy. There are still people who do not have access to fair employment, homes, food and education. Haven’t we heard that we aren’t paid enough to live in a place with a high cost of living? Is our nation building enough affordable homes for the people? How many young families now afford to purchase their own homes?

Today, we advocate for the freedom to realise one’s potential. To ensure productivity and increasing economic competitiveness, we need an ecosystem that allows the people democratic rights to develop and realise their potential to the fullest.

Today, we have to ensure that we are living in a just and equal society. A society that there is no discrimination of whichever, be it racial, religious, economic or social status. We have to ensure that the fruits of development must be shared equally among the people; and not only the rich. We need to ensure that there is equal access by all to opportunities generated by the market. 

Today, we have to pursue the protection of the environment and sustainable development. We have suffered landslides, floods, pollution that has caused health issues and deaths. Many of these disasters are caused by over and unsustainable development.

Today, we fight for the equality of all genders. We have to believe that all genders have the equal rights and ability to strive in the community. No individual should be denied any job opportunity due to their gender. No individual shall receive a lower pay because of their gender. And no one should be discriminated based on their sexual orientation.

Today, we advocate for cultural integration where all races respect each other. In an era where the issue of race and religion is still sensitive no matter where we are in the world, we have to respect all races and religions. Not a single community should be stereotyped or discriminated against based on their skin colour or religious beliefs. 

Today, we ultimately must fight for political stability and a positive political culture. Our political culture has been too negative. There is too much political attacks, character assassination and even physical attacks.

Brothers and sisters, this is not a struggle to win any election or to topple anyone. Today, we need to pursue a political revolution. A revolution that advocates for the betterment of our nation and rakyat through a new political culture.  

There is a huge task and gargantuan work in front of us. We must not let irresponsible politicians divide and divert us. This revolution needs everyone to put their hands together for a better future for ourselves.

This should be the spirit of March 24, this should be the spirit of striving for positive politics. And I invite you to join me in this journey. Let’s make it happen.