Aren’t politics should be about nation building?

The idea of politics in general is supposed to be about making lives better and building the nation. We elect leaders and representatives in hopes of developing our economy, our nation and our livelihood. 

But it doesn’t seem like it is now, or do they look like it is?

What is more important now actually? Our economy, our education, our environment or the ashes of a communist leader brought back to Malaysia?

Before we even talk about the ashes of a communist; we should look back at the peace treaty that was signed between the Malaysian government and the communist party in Hatyai on 2 December 1989.

The Government of Malaysia and the Communist Party of Malaya, consistent with their common objectives for peace, hereby agree to the following:

Article 1. Cessation of Armed Activities

Upon the signing of the Agreement, the Government of Malaysia and the Communist Party of Malay shall cease all armed activities forthwith.

Article 2. Disbandment of Armed Units, Destruction of Arms, Ammunition, Explosives and Booby-Traps.

The Communist Party of Malaya shall disband all of its armed units, destroy its arms, ammunition, explosives and booby-traps in Malaysia and Thailand.

Article 3. Residence in Malaysia

3.1 Members of the Communist Party of Malaya and members of its disbanded armed units, who are of Malaysian origin and who wish to settle down in Malaysia, shall be allowed to do so in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.

3.2 Members of the Communist Party of Malaya and members of its disbanded armed units, who are not of Malaysian origin, may be allowed to settle down in Malaysia in accordance with the laws of Malaysia, if they so desire.

Article 4. Provision of Assistance by the Malaysian Authorities

With regard to Article 3, the Malaysian authorities shall assist members of the Communist Party of Malaya and members of its disbanded armed units in order to help them to start their peaceful life afresh.

If the disbanded members are allowed to start their peaceful life afresh, why isn’t a person who is dead? Afterall, he has rested in peace.

We know the matter is somewhat politicised by a group of people.

If those groups of people are so sensitive towards communism, let us keep in mind that a huge part of our lives are somehow related to the country, China, which is led by the Communist Party of China.

Unless someone doesn’t use a smartphone, that little device that almost everyone uses daily is somehow a product of China. 

If we don’t use Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi or whichever China’s smartphone brand; those smartphone parts of other brands are somewhat produced by China.

For those who shop online frequently, who doesn’t shop via Taobao or Alibaba? Even many of the products in our regional online shopping platforms like Lazada, Shopee and Carousel display a lot of products made from China.

When the new Proton X70 was launched, many praised the improvements that Proton has made; we must remember that China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group has owned a huge percentage of equity in Proton. And that assisted in the development of Proton, especially with the new X70. 

We can easily name some of the basic items that we use daily that are indirectly or directly made from China. We haven’t even mentioned the development projects that China has invested in Malaysia. 

If these people are so against communism, they should have the dignity not to use these products of China then. Well, of course I am not encouraging it, as by then, we don’t even know how they can adjust to the life of really not using products of China.

I am simply implying that Chin Peng is a story of the past, by now he is only left with ashes. Why is it so important to go against ashes? Not as if he is really a phoenix that rises from the ashes.

There are other important things for us to discuss and work on for the nation.

Well, I guess what is more important for politicians is to fight for power instead of for the people. 

It makes me ponder, does politics really work when it comes to nation building? 

Whether internally and externally, we have heard there are always arguments, unnecessary debates, criticisms and cynicism; and many of them are just for the sake of fighting over power.

It seems that those who are not part of the politics are the ones that have really helped in nation building. Perhaps we should have gathered and grown the movement that is part of building the nation.