Whatsoever Things Are True

Chap Goh Meh finally ends last week; that marks officially the end of Chinese New Year celebrations. Every Chinese return to their usual lives.

Food, drinks and holidays are probably the few good things in Chinese New Year that everyone loves. But the greatest thing that I love during the beginning of the Chinese calendar is the time spent to get together with family and friends. Friends especially schoolmates usually got separated to pursue each others’ dreams when they leave school. Chinese New Year is probably the only time where all of us get back together other than the wedding occasions and deaths.

Two weeks ago, my schoolmates and I manage to organize the annual gathering and meet up again. Unfortunately, this year, a somber topic revolves around our conversation: Our primary school will be closed down in four years time. It was reported in the news that 124-year old SK Pykett Methodist will be closed in 2019.

It might not be one of the top schools in Penang nor Malaysia, but I am sure to each and every one of us; it will always be the best school to us. It is the place where we grew up together, learn together, play together, make fun of each other, fighting one another and most important of all, the place where our friendship flourishes.

Reminiscing the friendship when we were still kids, the feeling is so pure and innocent. There may be arguments, fights and subsequently cries. But the friendship bond remains a short while after that.

Coming back to the future, it is sad to learn that some people, adults in particular would rather cease a friendship due to political differences or difference of opinions on certain matter.  Sometimes, looking at the actions of these people makes you laugh. While you see they debate, argue and fight over differing opinions with their peers as if it would take their lives away if they lose in the ‘debate’; the politicians from different political parties would laugh over a cup of coffee discussing about happier topics. We would be lucky if the ‘debates’ remains as only debates of words. If we are unfortunate, emotions might be raised and blood spill might happen.

Everyone experiences different lives, think differently and have different perspectives.  Therefore, differences of opinion are bound to happen anywhere and at anytime. However, we must not let the contrast of mind affect the friendship of people personally. It is the bond that brings all of us together that is much more important. It is the thoughts of goodness that is always more important than negative thoughts. That is the principle of SK Pykett Methodist’s motto; “Whatsoever things are true”.

With this, I would like to take this opportunity to urge that the building of the school to be preserved, no matter what purpose it would be used for in the future. It is the place that my friends and I and all other students have created innocent memories in that building. Probably sometime in the future, we would revisit the school to light the flame again.

International Women’s Day – Make It Happen

Today, we mark one of the most important days for women; a day where we celebrate the respect and love towards women in appreciation for their social, economic and political achievements.

International Women's Day

Throughout my life, I have admired various famous personalities that has contributed to the world in different ways including women. And today, in conjunction with celebrating the International Women’s Day, I would like to give my utmost respect to them by mentioning them in this post.

My female family members

Throughout my life, the female family members of mine be it my mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin sisters; each one of them have played a specific role in building who I am today. They might not have ruled a country, invented great machines, fought for a cause. But they have loved me as a family member.

Catherine the Great

One of the most renowned and longest-ruling female leader of her country, has brought the golden era to Russia. She expanded the Russian empire, reformed the administration and modernised Russia.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Nobel Peace Prize Winner from Burma, she fought for the freedom of democracy in that country. She was named one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes.

Margaret Thatcher

The only women who have held the office as Britain’s Prime Minister. Also the longest serving British Prime Minister, she has challenged the status quo and ruled over men.

Helen Keller

Deaf and blind since the 18 months of age, she has defied the crtitics by learning how to communicate, earning a bachelor’s degree; becoming a famous author, political activist and lecturer. Myself as a Lions Club member, I am honored to be associated with the efforts of Helen Keller together with Lions Club to help and assist the blinds through our trademark SightFirst project.

Anita Roddick

The founder of Body Shop, I would give her the credit of founding one of the largest social enterprises in the world. Not only she has built a huge business empire, she has used the fame of her business to advocate human rights and environment.

Alicia Keys

Always been my inspiration, not only through her music but by her philanthropy works. She founded the Keep A Child Alive, a non-profit organization that provides medicine to HIV patient’s families in Africa. She has also contributed in various advocacy such as campaigns to raise funds for disasters, reducing poverty and many more.

To list all women whom I admired and respect is totally impossible, thus my list does not end in this post. Let us give respect and appreciation to all women in the world today and everyday.

Happy International Women’s Day!