Of Law & Integrity

In the recent years, we Malaysians have argued and debated on several issues that has plagued the country namely, issues of integrity and patriotism particularly in regards to the understanding of the Federal Constitution.

In terms of integrity, we have seen high profile corruption cases whether in the Government or the corporate sector; or smaller cases such as bribing the police officers over a speeding ticket or students cheating in exams.

The lack of understanding of the Federal Constitution has also caused many unnecessary conflicts and arguments. We have heard many debates either in the political scene or within a group of friends about the Constitution. Many different version of “facts” has been raised by those who discusses about it without checking the real facts has caused endless polemic on this specific topic.

As a proud member of the Malaysian Youth Parliament, my fellow members opined that these problems is a serious matter that should be solved.

The 2nd session of Malaysian Youth Parliament have just ended last week. Representing the Security, Law and Integrity Committee; we have succeeded in tabling and ensuring the passing of two resolutions.

The first, suggesting that the teachings and lessons of integrity have to be absorbed into the co-curricular activities of the school. The subject of integrity has to be taught from a young age and to prevent a boring lesson for the students, we opined that it should be taught in a fun way through co-curricular activities. As the existing school-based organizations such as Scouts, Kadet Remaja, Red Crescent Society, Taekwondo, and many more has the elements of integrity; the teachers only need to empower to strengthen the topic.

Our committee have also proposed to the Education Ministry to allocate certain funds to the schools just for the teachings of integrity. It can be used to hire speakers or conduct relevant programs related to integrity for the students.

The second resolution from our committee is to expand the knowledge of Malaysians about the Federal Constitution through creative ways. Generally, Malaysians will only read about the Federal Constitution in the History lessons or Pengajian Am in sixth form. And that is only if, they pursue Form Six. As we all know, Malaysian students reads and memorise the texts of their lessons just for the sake of passing in exams. Most would forget about what they have been taught in school unless it is being used in their career.

Therefore, we felt that the Government should use creative ways to grab the attention of Malaysians to understand the Federal Constitution especially the young working adults.

Fortunately, both of our resolutions have obtained great support from all 133 Malaysian Youth Parliamentarians and were passed in the estemeed hall that we are seating in. The next step is to hope that the resolutions which will then be tabled at the Cabinet; will be taken as action.

We hope that the public especially the youth could always gives us feedback and ideas on issues that we can bring to the attention of the Government through the Malaysian Youth Parliament.