Love Penang is not just a lip service. Prove it with actions.

Love is probably one of the words that are used often around the world. And it is definitely a popular word in Penang recently especially last week during the Valentine’s Day.

Every living being in this world experiences love since the day they were born. The ‘love experience’ is different in everyone and in every different phase of life.

When we were born, we feel the love from our parents through their care and nurture. When we start to grow up, we have friendships to love. To a certain point of time, some will have partners, get married and have a family on their own.

We all know love can only be proved through actions.

But there are also many people who talks only about love but doesn’t show it in their actions. These are one of the causes of arguments and relationship issues.

If we are not cautious, we might end up having ‘love issues’ with the DAP leaders. The Penang State Government that they are representing now has recently launched an ‘I Love Penang’ campaign. It appeared to be a long-term campaign by DAP as we can see that the slogan were used in many different events across Penang.

Just because a minister has a thought about converting Penang into a federal territory and talks about it in an interview, DAP launched such a massive campaign against it. Did they realise not that, the idea was not officially proposed. Even if it was officially proposed, it requires a very tough process to pass through.

Article 1(2) of our federal constitution states that Penang is one of the 13 states in the federation and Article 2 states that even merely altering the boundaries of any state requires consent of that particular state and the Conference of Rulers.

It is almost impossible to make such amendments even if Barisan Nasional were to gain power in the state again.

As usual, DAP are so immersed into politicking that they grab any single opportunity from the words of people to turn it into a political issue. And this time, the words of Tengku Adnan Mansor which didn’t even made it to the ‘official table’.

When the DAP launched the ‘I Love Penang’ campaign, again that they have forgotten that there are still many issues that were not solved by them yet. By not solving them, it is just a proof that their campaign is just a lip service.

Hill deforestation, flood issues, traffic congestions, sales of heritage sites to foreigners, unsustainable development, lack of low medium cost houses, loss of foreign direct investments (FDI), closure of factories, and many other local issues which affects the livelihood of the people.

Amusingly, there are even some DAP leaders who still blames the previous state government for the mistakes done today. It has been nine years the DAP has taken over the Penang state government. After nine years, if they are still blaming the previous state government for the problems of today, they can only blame themselves. They are slapping themselves as it shows that their ‘love’ is without ‘actions’.

On the matter of turning Penang into a federal territory, I am confident that Gerakan Penang will not allow it to happen as well. As to my personal stand, I strongly believe that Penang should always stay as a state of its own.

Let us not be swayed away by the way DAP play politics and focus on what we need to do to really love Penang. To Love Penang, we need to save Penang.

Let’s not merely say that we love Penang; let us show the truth by our actions.

This article has been published in Mandarin in Kwong Wah Yit Poh dated 25th February 2017.


爱是世界各地的人们最经常使用的词语之一, 而它最近在槟城绝对是最受欢迎的词语, 特别是在上个星期的情人节。

每个生命在诞生的那天起,就会感受到爱。每个人的“爱的体验” 是不一样的,每个人在生命中的每个阶段,对“爱” 也会有不同的感受。

当我们出生时,我们感受到父母亲照料和培育我们的爱。 当我们成长时,我们有友谊的爱。来到生命的某个阶段, 有些人会寻觅到真爱,与自己的爱人结婚及拥有一个家庭。


但也有很多人只懂得谈论爱,却不曾在行动中证明爱, 这是引发争论和破坏关系的主因。

行动党领导的槟州政府最近发起了“我爱槟城”运动。 行动党似乎准备把它搞成长期运动,因为我们可以察觉到, 这个口号在槟城许多活动中被广泛使用。但是,如果我们不够谨慎, 就可能最终与民主行动党领袖产生“情伤”问题。

当时,只是因为一位部长接受采访时, 建议要把槟城变成联邦直辖区, 行动党就发起了这样一场大规模的运动来反对。他们是否知道, 这只是一个人的一个想法而已,还没有通过正式的管道被提出。 即使它被正式提出,也需要经过一场非常艰难的过程才有可能通过。

马来西亚联邦宪法第1(2)条规定,槟州是联邦13个州属之一; 而第2条规定,即使只是改变任何州属的边界​​, 也需要有关州属和统治者会议的同意。


一如往常,行动党是如此沉醉在政治伎俩之中, 他们不放过任何一个政治化课题的机会。这一次, 轮到了东姑安南的言论,即使这不是一个官方言论。

行动党发起“我爱槟城”运动之际, 他们却忘记了他们还有很多仍未解决的问题。 只要一天无法解决这些问题, 就只能证明他们的运动只是空口说白话。

屈指数来,这些问题包括在山坡砍伐森林、水灾问题、交通拥堵、 卖古迹区老屋给外国人、不可持续的发展、缺乏中廉价屋、 失去外国直接投资、工厂关闭,以及许多影响人民生活的民生问题。

荒谬的是,竟然有一些行动党领袖仍指责今天的问题, 是前朝政府犯下的错。行动党已经执政槟州9年,9年后的今天, 他们怎么还可以针对今天的问题去责怪前朝政府?事实上, 他们只能责怪自己!其实,他们正在倒自己的米, 因为种种问题已证明他们的“爱”,是没有任何“行动”的。

有关把槟城变成联邦直辖区一事,民政党绝对不会允许它发生。 至于我个人的立场,我坚信槟城必须是一个属于自己的州属。

我们千万不要被行动党玩弄政治而影响,反而, 我们必须关注应该做些什么来真正地爱槟城。要爱槟城, 我们就必须拯救槟城!


Don’t scold during the harmonious Chinese New Year celebrations

With just a blink of an eye, the Chinese New Year is about to end. The time flies simply so fast, so quick; that 15 days of celebrations is just a short moment.

The short moment that we have is a previous moment where it is one of the occasion for our friends and family to gather for a reunion.

In Malaysia, it is particularly unique when we celebrate the Chinese New Year. Not only the Chinese celebrates the occasion; but every other races comes together to celebrate. I feel it is even more special for a Malay-majority nation to observe the Chinese New Year with public holidays and we are one of the very few countries to do it. Among the other countries that observes the celebration as a public holiday are China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea and a few others.

As a Chinese, I believe many of us know that there are many rituals and customs during the Chinese New Year. One of the basic things is to usher the New Year with many positive messages and words. Our houses are decorated with bright colours especially red. Positive messages in red couplets are displayed. Beautiful greetings in Chinese New Year cards, emails, text messages were delivered to family and friends. All these are done is to hope that our family, friends and ourselves have a good year ahead. POSITIVITY is the key during the occasion. These are one of the things that we should do, but there are also things that we shouldn’t do.

I remember that my elders used to remind me and my cousins that we must not argue or scold during the CNY. We are supposed to create a happy environment. When we meet people, we must wish each other good luck, prosperity, good health, happiness and many other nice words.

This time around, there are many political leaders even trying to politicise such a harmonious occasion. I’ve been to some of the CNY events in the community, and certain DAP leaders who are up on the stage, simply just talk about politics throughout their speech. Even in the official CNY messages, politicising it and bringing negativity into it.

I agree that many Malaysians are having a difficult time with the increment of cost of living especially when families need to purchase lots of household items for the celebrations. But why can’t CNY messages be as simple as wishing Malaysians a better livelihood throughout the year ahead, hoping for our nation to develop in the coming months.

It is a matter of fact that we are facing many challenges ahead, but we are already working hard to strive through most of the time. Can’t we just put a few days off from the people to enjoy the time with the family and friends?

Even in the online news portal, Malaysiakini, tends to spin the story of the lion dance troupe who refused to perform for the Prime Minister during the Parti Gerakan national CNY open house.

Lion dance is a culture that has been practiced in Malaysia for generations. We all know well that part of the performance in the lion dance is to peel the mandarin oranges or pomelos and serves it to the guest of honour. And in the case during the Parti Gerakan CNY open house, the lion dance performer were crouching and peeling the fruits for the PM. It definitely will take some time to do a good peeling of it.

How can such a news portal spins it to a story of the lion dance troupe disrespecting the PM? How unprofessional can they be?

I wonder if they can live a day without spinning, twisting and politicking.
Again we must remind ourselves; it is not only about comparing who is the lesser devil; we must think and compare who is able to deliver better as the nation’s leaders.

And before we end the 15 days of celebration, let me wish everyone again a Happy Chinese New Year. May all Malaysians be blessed with prosperity, good luck, health and happiness!

This article has been published in Mandarin in Kwong Wah Yit Poh dated 2nd February 2017.