The Voices of the Youth

Democracy existed in Malaysia since decades ago.

63 years ago, our forefathers witnessed the first local election in the George Town municipal council. 59 years ago, the first Malaya General Elections before the nation achieved its independence. The people of Malaysia have witnessed and conducted democracy at different levels; in the Government, in organizations, and even students in school. Sometimes, when family needs to decide where to go for dinner, they vote. Today, as a nation, we have achieved another new milestone, which is the election for Youth Parliament.

I am proud to be one of the generation that lived, not only to see the birth of the Youth Parliament, but to participate in it.

My fellow Malaysian youth,

I was born, bred and taught in Malaysia as most of us are. As typical Asians, we were always taught from young that we must listen and obey to our parents, our teachers and those who are older than us. We were told that we must not defy our parents words or we will be deemed as a rebel. Some parents even go to the extreme of deciding on their children’s education, job and even love for them. It is a norm for a typical Asian family that “adults command, children listen”.

Please don’t get me wrong. I totally agree that respect to the elders is one of the most important value of all and I am definitely proud that all Malaysian families teaches that. But at the same time, I believe in youth’s right to voice their thoughts and expression.¬†Youth may not be right but so do adults, that is why there are lifelong-learning courses available throughout the world. It shows that adults needs to learn too.

Youth today, has the opportunity of experiencing early education; some smarter kids even have the ability to enter the university at a much younger age. With the advancement of technology and internet, youth can obtain extensive information and learn almost about anything and everything. And the Government accepted the idea. They accepted the idea by providing us an official platform to voice out our ideas and our needs; the Youth Parliament.

Today, I am proud to be nominated as one of the candidate to contest as the Youth Parliament member. And today, I say to all Malaysians across this great nation; I am contesting not to lead you. I am contesting to bring your voices, your ideas, your suggestions throughout the nation. I am contesting to bring all of us, youth – together to form a force to bring development for the nation. I am contesting for the betterment of ourselves – YOUTH.

My fellow Malaysian youth of today, we are better equipped with information to make better analytic decisions compared to the previous generations when they were at our age. Youth today does not necessarily need to be only a follower, we are able to lead. Let us do this together.


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