Penangites ready for public debate?

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Debate between YB Liang Teck Meng & YB Lim Hock Seng on the “Three Highways and Underground Sea Tunnel” two weeks ago was a waste of time.

I was there throughout the whole debate and watch the whole scene; that has happened on the stage and on the floor.

The debate begins with a quite a peaceful manner with cheers and hand clapping to each of the YB by their respective supporters. There were some occasional small jeers by small group of supporters though. It started quite well.

But the chaos starts after both YBs presented their points in the first round of fifteen minutes; when the question session begins.

YB Lim Hock Seng did not answer all three questions imposed by YB Liang Teck Meng. Not only that, he has diverted the topic to 1MDB, RM2.6 billion donation issue, GST and many other national issues.

Then and there, the audience begins to get frustrated as they were waiting for answers about the 3 highways and underground sea tunnel but it was not given.  They started to jeer louder at YB Lim. One of the audiences who were so irked kept on shouting “ask him to talk about the tunnel”.

To my shock, YB Lim Hock Seng responded to the audience on the floor, and with a harsh way, and stirred up the anger of the audience. Words like “kalau tak tau, jangan bising. Tau tak, bodoh?”, “Eh, samseng!”, “CIlaka punya GST, GST cilaka!” came out from the mouth of YB Lim. You, I and everyone else know, such words will only provoke the crowds even more.


“Ask him to talk about the tunnel!”

The debate yesterday shows how unprofessional YB Lim Hock Seng is; provoking the emotions of the BN supporters instead of answering the questions about the tunnel and highways imposed by YB Liang Teck Meng.

Posted by Gerakan Penang 檳州民政 on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

YB Lim Hock Seng as a four- term people’s representative didn’t acted professionally as the debater. First, he didn’t answer the questions imposed and tries to divert the topic to other national issues.

When many were waiting to listen for the truth about the highways and tunnel right from the mouth of the Public Works, Utility and Transport Exco to make things clear, all they got is some other information.

Besides that, in the debate YB Lim should only respond to YB Liang. Instead, he responded the audience. If anyone is there that night, one would have seen clearly how YB Lim kept on chiding the audience with strong expressions. It has definitely arouses their anger and therefore, the people shouted back. YB Lim has forgotten that it was a debate; not a ceramah, dialogue session, not concert.

To make things worse, a senior and respected people’s representative who has served the people for nearly two decades is urging the people to NOT respect others. YB Lim clearly stated in the debate that YB Liang should not be respected. That event is supposed to be a professional debate, not an argument on the street.

Despite not answering the questions and diverting the topic, at the end of the day, I still believe that YB Lim and the DAP achieved their objective.

Barisan Nasional supporters were again tainted with being rowdy and harsh. DAP manage to strengthen their existing support base by reminding them about the controversial national issues.

I agree with many though that the people on the floor should attend the debate with an open and mature mind. If everyone was quiet and just listens to the debate, I am sure the people in and out of the hall, will judge the debate purely on the content.

Looking at how the YB acted as a debater and how the audience on the floor responded; I am convinced that many Penangites are not ready for a public debate yet.

Unfortunately for those who attended hoping for a matured debate, maybe we will have to wait for another 10 or 20 years?

We, Penangites have to ask ourselves whether we want such a leader for our state, one that cannot act professionally as a leader. There are many quotes that states “Leaders should lead by example”. Maybe the people should be leading the politicians instead by being more matured, politically.

Funny though, at the end of the debate, the DAP state leaders even carried YB Lim Hock Seng and him holding a drinking water bottle as if it is a trophy, “indicating” that he is the winner of the debate.

We all know that this particular debate will not determine any winner, but to enlighten the public on the facts of the issue. But witnessing the whole debate and the after-effects, I guess it is just one of the political play by DAP to strengthen themselves.


Manifesto Kita Bersama

Salam sejahtera, rakan-rakan belia,

Belia Kita, belia Malaysia telah menjadi lebih kuat lagi, lebih berupaya sejak belia-belia yang terdahulu;

Ini merupakan jasa YB Khairy Jamaluddin dengan pasukannya di dalam Kementerian Belia dan Sukan. Idea Parlimen Belia dan pelaksanaannya telah mencapai suatu peristiwa, satu tahap di mana ia adalah berbaloi untuk anak-anak muda di seluruh negara untuk menyambut pencapaiannya.

Akan tetapi, sebesar mana kekuatan dan keupayaan diberikan kepada kita; sebagai Belia, kita tidak haruslah menyalahgunakan kekuatan tersebut. Kita mestilah menggunakan kekuatan tersebut demi manfaat dan kebaikan kepada komuniti belia di Malaysia.

Apabila Parlimen Belia bergerak dan dilaksanakan, ia memerlukan satu pasukan dan kerjasama yang kuat yang mewakili suara hati anak muda. Seseorang wakil yang boleh membawa isu-isu belia ke peringkat yang lebih tinggi. Seseorang wakil yang boleh menggerakkan dan merapatkan perhubungan di dalam Parlimen Belia dan seterusnya menguatkan organisasi tersebut sebagai suatu platform untuk mendidik, membangun dan mengilhamkan anak-anak muda.

Dengan rasa rendah hati, saya yakin yang saya mempunyai persefahaman di dalam komuniti belia ini, idea-idea bernas, dan semangat yang mendalam untuk membangunkan komuniti belia ini sebagai seorang wakil; jika dipilih.

Di dalam artikel-artikel dan infografik yang akan diterbitkan dalam sosial media saya sepanjang tempoh kempen, saya akan terangkan tiga teras utama dan lima tumpuan utama dalam manifesto saya sebagai calon ahli Parlimen Belia.

Tiga Teras Utama

  • Perpaduan Malaysia
  • Memperupayakan Belia
  • Pembangunan Belia

Lima Tumpuan Utama

  • Kos Sara Hidup yang Tinggi
  • Perumahan dan Kehidupan Bandar
  • Pendidikan
  • Pengangkutan dan Infrastruktur
  • Kemampanan Alam Sekitar

Tiga Teras Utama tersebut adalah tindakan-tindakan praktikal yang akan dicadangkan dan dilaksanakan secara kerjasama dengan wakil-wakil Parlimen Belia yang akan dipilih, dan juga bersama belia yang bersemangat dalam program-program pembangunan belia.

Manakala, Lima Tumpuan Utama merupakan suara hati dan isu-isu yang berkaitan dengan belia yang akan saya sampaikan kepada pihak kerajaan melalui Parlimen Belia.

Parlimen Belia bukanlah mengenai atau menjadi satu fokus kepada mana-mana satu individu, ia haruslah menjadi satu kerjasama di antara wakil-wakil yang dipilih bersama dengan setiap orang anak muda di negara kita. Dan anak-anak muda itu adalah KITA, BERSAMA!

Yang benar,

Ooi Zhi Yi


Manifesto Kita Bersama

Dear You(th),

Our Youth, Malaysian Youth is stronger than ever, empowered than ever;

Thanks to the leadership of YB Khairy Jamaluddin and his team in the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The Youth Parliament idea and its implementation have achieved a milestone, a point for all Malaysian youth to celebrate our empowerment.

But as much as the power is given to us, youth, must not misuse the power. We must use the power for the benefit and the betterment for our youth community.

As the Youth Parliament moves forward and commence, it will need a team of collaborative and to represent the voice of the youth community. A representative who can bring the concerns of the youth up to the next level. A representative who can mobilize everyone connected to the Youth Parliament and strengthen the organization and to utilize the platform as a means for educating, developing and inspiring youth.

I am confident that I have the understanding of the youth community, the ideas and the deep passion to develop the youth community that qualifies me as one of the representative.

In my articles and inforgraphics that follows up through the campaigning period, I will explain the three pillars and five concerns of my candidacy for the Member of Youth Parliament.

Three Key Pillars

  • Malaysian Unity
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Youth Development

Five Key Concerns

  • High Cost of Living
  • Housing & Urban Living
  • Education
  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Environment Sustainability

The Three Key Pillars are the practical action steps that I will propose and take collaboratively with fellow representatives together with a team of passionate Malaysian youth.

Meanwhile, the Five Key Concerns are voices and issues concerning the youth that I will highlight to the Government through the advocacy campaigns.

The Youth Parliament has never been about any particular individual, it should be a collaboration of the representatives and also every single youth in the country working together. And it is WE, TOGETHER.

Yours sincerely,

Ooi Zhi Yi