Ministers and National Leaders should not stereo-typed the people

Yesterday, we have heard a Malaysian Minister uttering a biased and stereo-typed statement calling for Malays to boycott Chinese businesses.

It is so unfortunate that we Malaysians have such a Minister in the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Ministry to utter such a biased and stereo-typed statement. In Malaysia today, we must understand that we consist of different ethnic and races in the country, therefore it is always fragile to play racial statements especially when it comes from a leader with influences to its followers. There are points that he should know before uttering such words:

1. Not every businesspeople whether it is Malay, Chinese, Indian or anyone took advantage of the oil price hike to raise the prices of their products and services. Do not stereotype the whole race just because of certain irresponsible individuals.

2. Some businesspeople that took the advantage to raise their product prices may come from other ethnic and races other than Chinese as well.

3. Businesses should not be boycotted just because the owner or shareholders have any affiliation to any political party as long as they are doing their businesses legally without doing any harm to the public.

4. There should not be a call of any one race to boycott another race. Instead there should be only calls to boycott businesses that violates any laws such as human rights.

I believe generally Malaysians have grown matured and most of them knows what their rights are when it comes to being a consumer. Those consumers would be smart enough not to purchase anything that is way above the market price. If they believe the products is at a reasonable price, it is their right to purchase it.

However, the business community should not also take advantage to raise the prices at the expense of consumers.

Nevertheless, I agree with the Minister who have called the consumers to boycott businesses that raises price that are unreasonable, but he should NOT and is in no position to determine which ethnic or race is taking advantage over the other.