Born & raised in Penang, Malaysia; I have lived in the island throughout my life. Brought up in a middle class family, my family put a lot of importance in education. Being nurtured to love reading since at a young age, the passion has grown from reading school textbooks to newspapers, magazines and non-fictions.

Like many other Malaysians, I have benefited from the Government’s education policy whereby my parents only need to pay a small sum of fees for my studies; from primary, secondary up to the tertiary level.

My interest in making a social change began when I was still in primary school. My mother, working in a bookstore then, brought back some books on famous figures of the world. I remember I have read about Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, Nelson Mandela and how they have make changes to the world.

It was when I was in secondary school that I started taking actions to make social change. I joined and volunteered in the school’s societies. I was especially active in Red Crescent.

When I graduated from secondary school, I kept myself active in assisting the local community in various ways.

These has led me to join politics where I believe I could make social change at a different level.

As a proud Malaysian, I aim to contribute my time & energy for the development of my community & country through the best ways that I could give.

Of course, my life is not all about work, social change, and politics. I put some of my time for arts, design, photography, piano, technology, basketball and reading.