Community service should be beyond politics and religion

I have always believed that Malaysians are generally kind people, or that is the culture that we have been brought up with. When there are people who are in need of assistance and help, there are always a flock of people willing to donate and assist. During the festive seasons, there are always Malaysians going out to donate necessities to the old folks home or orphanage. And even in normal times. We also have a lot of non-governmental organisations that are always doing charities and community services for the less fortunate.

There are also some individuals who go all out helping the society as though it is a full-time job to them. Despite all the good deeds that many have done, they are somehow landed in trouble or being criticised especially on social media.

Ebit Lew who has been pretty popular for his efforts of helping people regardless of background and ethnic identity was chastised for converting the Bajau Laut community, which majority of them are already Muslims. He was also criticised for breaking the law by entering the Eastern Sabah Command Zone without permission.

Just a couple of weeks before the Chinese New Year, we have also seen our badminton star Datuk Lee Chong Wei being scolded by cybertroopers in social media for joining efforts with the Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament, Steven Sim in assisting poor students in his constituency. The cybertroopers who are most likely using pseudo-names in their social media accounts, claimed that Lee Chong Wei should not work together with a DAP MP. They even called for his Datukship to be revoked.

This is how many people are when it comes to politics and religion. People are over sensitive when the person who is helping the community has a political or religious background. We don’t have to bother if somebody wants to help the community in whichever way that they want, as long as it is not against any law. If we cannot do it on our own, then we should at least support and give encouragement to those who are willing to do it.

If the people want Datukship to be revoked, there are so many other Datuk titles that need to be really revoked. We know well that there are so many undeserving people who were awarded titles, and many deserving people did not carry any of these prestigious awards even though they have contributed for years.

A couple of years back, we read in the news that a 21 year-old Datuk was living a lavish lifestyle. That Datuk must have done a lot since he was born to be awarded the Datukship at such a tender age. Then we also know the infamous Datuk who has slapped the young couple in the restaurant.

I have been writing about the negativity that has been caused by power and positions in my previous articles. These awards and titles are part of the powers that are part of the political lobbying tool. Whether any one wants to admit it or not, such awards are in a way under the influence of those in power. 

Coming back to our badminton superstar’s effort; in fact I think that MPs and ADUNs across the political spectrum should instead come together to help our community. We can always have different opinions in public policies and government decisions, but by giving aid and helping the people shouldn’t be in conflict with each other.