The risk of the political poker game

The poker game continues with Anwar Ibrahim’s turn to claim he has the numbers and requested an audience with our King. The sudden appearance of the ‘dark horse’, Tengku Razaleigh at the Istana Negara has also surprised many. There are talks now that Anwar Ibrahim might have the numbers to take over the government, or it could be Ku Li that will be the Prime Minister to mediate through the toughest period of political uncertainty.

It seems that each group or factions are keeping their poker cards close to them, placing their bets, playing psychological games, and waiting for the right time to make their move. Who has the highest card in their hands now? Two Pairs? Three of a kind? Fullhouse? Royal Flush?

Whether who has the best cards really does not matter now. What matters is we get all the cards on the same deck to work together. There is no time to play anymore. As I have written in my previous article, politicians always claim how they sacrifice to fight for the people and country, but instead are doing the opposite way. They are the cause of the setback that we are facing now. 

The first wave of the pandemic has already caused us a bad economic setback, with investors pulling back their investments, businesses cutting on their spending or closing down. The political uncertainty that began early this year makes it even worse. And now, the growth of this next Covid-19 wave is certainly caused by politicians themselves. 

The Sabah state assembly is not due and does not have to be dissolved until at least the year 2023. Who did it? The political struggle made a mess out of it, causing the state elections to be called, massive political campaigning conducted, and SOP was not adhered to. And of course, causing a serious pandemic in Sabah itself, and possibly throughout the nation.

Now that we are seeing a possible next wave hitting the whole country, nobody knows how Malaysians can survive through another round of economic stagnance.

2020 was supposed to be the year where we enjoy our economic dream of Vision 2020. We used to boast on how much our nation will achieve when that year arrives.

Today, we are in that year. And not only that, we have just stepped into the final quarter lap of the year 2020. 

Some may claim that the Covid-19 pandemic has been the cause of us not able to achieve the Vision 2020. Yes, we may have various reasons for that. But what do we do now to move towards the next vision, the next goal?

The tabling of the 2021 Malaysia budget will be held early November. That is when we take the next step forward to achieve what we have failed to do as a nation. 

I have also written before that the Member of Parliament plays an important role to obtain feedback from the people to table the voices of the people to the Parliament. But which MP has done it? Not even my MP as I am aware of.

The political struggle and uncertainty has risked the whole nation and the people. The poker game of the politicians is risking the future of Malaysians. Just end the poker game and start working seriously to build the nation again.

This article is published in Kwong Wah Yit Poh in Chinese dated 20 October 2020.