The table has turned, again. But we are only moving in circles.

Just during the middle of our nation’s political crisis, every news media is trying hard to cover a story about it, even the international news media. The Guardian, a news media of the United Kingdom, is one of them. But, the Guardian has a different view about it. They have published an article that I would fairly say most Malaysians would disagree with. 

Ironically, they have stated that the political crisis was a coup with royals behind it. At the end of the article, it stated, “A king has overturned a democratic election result that challenged a corrupt old order. This is wrong and the world ought to call it out.” Perhaps, the Guardian is not a fan of the royal family. Even some political party fanatics have also criticised our King for his performance of handling the recent political crisis.

I would disagree with the Guardian and those political fanatics. Our King has handled the matter well enough to prevent the crisis from getting worse. Many have even criticised the decision that was not managed in as democratic way, and was against the constitution. Well, those who are losing from the decision will criticise it, while those who benefit from it will support it. Despite this, I may not agree with the ethical issues about the whole fiasco, but from my point of view, it was done according to the laws. 

The people elect their Member of Parliament to represent them. The Prime Minister and the government is decided by the party who holds the majority in the Parliament. If the smaller parties manage to recruit and bring in the numbers, then they will be the majority and ruling party.

I am not advocating or encouraging MPs to “cross the floors”, the term that means changing party allegiance. But our tendency of deciding our vote on parties will result in a higher possibility of “floor-crossing’. If the voters decide their votes based on individual capability rather than a political party, I believe that the chances of “floor-crossing” is lesser. Afterall, if we choose  the person who represents the people rather than the political party, all the MP has to do is to voice what his constituents want, and not what the party wants. And that is what our current politicians are doing now, they are taking actions based on what the party wants, or worse, what he or she wants.

But anyway, I guess we do not want this crisis to be prolonged. The tables have turned, and we do not want it to keep turning.

When we should look forward, it seems like many are not moving at all.

Immediately after the new Prime Minister was installed by our King, there were claims on social media that some Barisan Nasional leaders that were charged in court were trying to get the new government to drop their cases. These Pakatan Harapan leaders and supporters were condemning that act in every possible way. 

Weird, but did they remember how some charges like the famous bungalow case were dropped during their time as well? What has happened to it?

Just last week, our petrol price was dropped and the current government’s supporters were praising them for doing the right job of making the petrol price go down. 

And then the Pakatan Harapan cheerleaders suddenly became aware of the international crude oil price as the factor of the reduction of the petrol price. 

Remember how we used to explain so in-detailed about crude oil prices to them and they don’t seem to understand every fact and figures that we put up. 

The newly appointed 8th Prime Minister has said in his maiden speech that, “Whether you are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Iban, Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, Orang Asli, or one from any race or ethnicity. I am your prime minister. Irrespective of whether you are a farmer, fisherman, businessman, civil servant or private sector employee, I am your prime minister.”

Ironically, ten years ago, it was the same person who said he was a Malay first.

Why did I say we are not moving? We are still practicing the same political culture. Despite changing roles of sides, they are still the typical ol’ politicians. Insinuating, criticising, attacking. Because that is what they need to bring the other side down. Because they want the people to “not vote for the worse candidate”, instead of “voting for the better candidate”.

This is the main reason why we need matured politics to be practiced. Especially the words of each politician should be marked and checked. I am pretty sure there are lots of contradictions and differences from what they have said before and after.

Although the tables have turned again, we are just turning round and round, in circles, like a clown in a circus.

We must not stay stagnant, and we must not go backwards. 

We need to move. We need to move forward.

This article is published in Kwong Wah Yit Poh in Chinese dated 10 March 2020.