DAP + UMNO: In the best interest of the people?

It is proven again that Malaysian politics is only about who gets power and position when it was reported in the news that DAP’s Nga Kor Ming stated they are ready to work with any party including UMNO that can help form a multiracial, strong, and stable government. It was also reported that the party was even ready to work with UMNO in the best interest of the people.

It is just another disappointment to those who have given their trust to DAP, those who have given their hopes to democracy; and ended up being cheated off their votes again.

I do not have to elaborate much, but every one in Malaysia who is aware of politics knows that DAP is strongly against the governance of UMNO. They never wanted and never agreed UMNO to be in the government. The DAP has labelled UMNO as corrupted, kleptocratic, devil, cheated Malaysians and many other negative descriptions that you could think of.

Their hatred towards UMNO was so bad that in every election, one of their main agenda is to campaign for people not to vote for UMNO.

Their attacks and criticism towards UMNO was so bad and severe that UMNO has to retaliate by branding the DAP as a Chinese chauvinist party that wanted to see the end of Bumiputera privileges.

They were the ones that were part of the team that brought down Barisan Nasional and UMNO during the previous general elections. The BN and UMNO lost then because the voters believed in DAP’s words that the BN had taken the taxpayers hard-earned money; the UMNO politicians were corrupt and they had no integrity in governing the country.

When he resigned from the position of Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat, he claimed that he would only serve a government that was chosen by the people. He also said that the resignation is a matter of principle, honour and in solidarity with the Speaker. 

And when the ousted Perak Menteri Besar, Ahmad Faizal Azumu was voted out of no confidence in the Perak’s State Assembly, talks of a new Menteri Besar and a new government with a new coalition surfaced. And suddenly Nga Kor Ming and the Perak DAP is ready to work with any party including UMNO that can help form a multiracial, strong, and stable government. 

And suddenly, the UMNO that they have labelled like a monster and devil, has turned a new leaf and become the good guys? DAP was formed in 1965 and since then, they have been so critical against UMNO. For 50 years, they have claimed that the UMNO is so corrupted to the roots, and now they can work as a government together?

Perhaps, we should really ask Nga Kor Ming, How do you think your supporters are feeling now knowing that you were prepared to compromise on your principles and values for the sake of quenching your thirst for power?

It is not about who’s more corrupt though as there are so many to justify; but the main thought is that the politics of today; typical politicians still fall for power and positions; even the DAP that many Malaysians had supported. 

That is why when we vote in the elections, it should not be decided based on the party logo alone; the personality and character of the candidate matters a lot.