It will take some time before the third force rise again

If someone were to ask if I have any favourite ancient war movies with lessons to learn from, “Braveheart” is one of them. A movie that won multiple international awards, it is a fictional story of a man, William Wallace leading the Scottish in the First War of Scottish Independence.

The movie starts with King Edward of England invades and conquers Scotland following the death of Alexander III of Scotland, who left no heir to the throne. By conquering Scotland, King Edward grants his nobleman, or the people who support him with lands and privileges. 

When his wife was murdered by the noblemen, Wallace led his clan and other Scottish clans to wage a war against the English troops while fighting for independence. Wallace managed to secure a couple of victories in battles, while getting more and more supporters until the Scottish nobleman even pledged to cooperate to fight together for the independence of Scotland.

At William Wallace’s final battle at Falkirk, it was when he was disappointed when some of the Scottish noblemen who promised to fight together suddenly turned their back against him because they had been bribed by King Edward. Thus Wallace lost the battle, was caught and sentenced to death for treason.

Don’t you think we are facing a similar situation? Malaysia, at one point of time, was facing a situation when we have no heir to the “Prime Minister” throne when Tun Dr Mahathir did not name any successor after him. This led to a situation when our politics are out of control and uncertain. Different parties and leaders were scattered trying to join and unjoin forces so they could take over the government. 

At one point, we thought we had seen some hope that some leaders or alternative parties could come together to work as a third force to defeat those who are only after power and positions. It seems the third force was winning a little and gaining traction, as though William Wallace had won a couple of battles.

But alas, we just realise that there were opportunists hiding under the coat working along with “William Wallace”, claiming to fight for Malaysia, when they were only after lands and privileges. “William Wallace” started off with great vision and plan, but forgot to be cautious of the noblemen just right beside him that were corrupted by power.

It was then I thought a third force would rise and defeat or at least reduce the greed in politicians. But it did not, it was just one short moment that the third force almost showed up, but it did not. I guess it will take some time before the third force rises again.